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I followed her boldly pressing her butts, and trying to get to her balls, caught her from behind mid way and started pressing both her boobs, she kept walking and went and sat on the sofa in the living room.I tried kissing her, she turned herself to one side on the sofa showing her back to me it was good for me, so I placed my dick at the center of her arse and kept humping her over her dress and pressing her boobs with both hands, also giving her neck a good tickle with my moustache, she was a bit restless and shivering saying sheeee, she got up by force and went back to the kitchen.

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I heard her calling up uncle who was with me in the living room, I was a bit worried as he went in and when he was coming out I was nearly trying to make my way to the door, believe me my blood had stopped flowing, and I wasn’t sure what’s coming.

Uncle came back sat on the sofa and said I have told aunty to make biryani with some chicken legs fried.

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