Heartline dating

03-Nov-2018 15:34

He soon begins to enjoy his life there and decides to stay after completing his probation, though he leaves for a short period to live with his biological father in Calgary.Jack treats Ty like a son and is very proud of him, especially after he earns his high school diploma and decides to study to become a vet.Amy grows close to Ty and becomes friends with him, later falling in love, although their relationship is rocky at times and they break up more than once.

In the end, Ty and Amy are married in Jack's house.In the last episode of season 5, Ty secretly makes plans to propose to Amy, but after hearing her say how they should never "tie themselves down", he decides against it.However, while answering Ty's ringing phone, Amy finds the ring in his coat pocket, thus ending the season with a cliffhanger.She accepts, and they are married in Season 8, episode 18.