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09-Sep-2018 23:22

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psp shuts down when updating

Here is the code and what it looks like running: Notice that even though I’m using Bind rather than eval, the value does not stick.Well, we always have a reason so I believe it is not working because Selected Value only has a Get (it’s read only) and the value can not be put back.Debugger Inside Grid View Row Updating Event " data-medium-file=" w=300" data-large-file=" w=800&h=359 800w, w=150&h=67 150w, w=300&h=135 300w, w=768&h=345 768w," sizes="(max-width: 800px) 100vw, 800px" /Grid View on Browser " data-medium-file=" w=230" data-large-file=" w=150 150w" sizes="(max-width: 230px) 100vw, 230px" /Grid View Cell Showing Updated Value " data-medium-file=" w=300" data-large-file=" w=150 150w, w=300 300w" sizes="(max-width: 416px) 100vw, 416px" /Event.

When I click the edit button, the Country display changes to a dropdown list but the selected Country is not 'Canada' but the first value in the datasource. It's how the values of regular Template Fields end up in e. There is a chance it is called when going to Edit mode if you set Conflict Detection="Compare All Values" on your Data Source Control. For Data Binding in code-behind, I don't think that will work. When all you've got is a Hammer, Every Problem looks like a Nail. My dropdownlist is created and initialized at run time in the template base class inside the grid.The grid attaches to a static datatable which is created by selections from user input.But thanks for taking the time to provide a solution. What I usually do is put a separate class in App_Code.

Rachna Now I am trying to create an Object Data Source to bind to my Drop Down List in design time. The classes in there can be used as Type Name in Object Data Source.

As sharepoint 2010 is restricted to use only framework 3.5.