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So, since Oberhausen is in Germany, you can get any good German beer over here you want. If you pull that stunt in California, you’ll end up in Oregon. (Pacino) By Markus Pacino, November 2010 That summer I spent some quality time in Southern California and when I did some serious record shopping, I finally got to visit the Burger Store in Fullerton.3:5 Round 8: Bars - The best night of my life I had at the ‘Geary Club’ in San Francisco. The store is a division of Burger Records Enterprises which specialized on top-notch Power Pop and also brought you NOBUNNY’s infamous »Raw Romance«-Cassette.Mac Blackout has come a long way since these past nihilistic punk smashers from FUNCTIONAL BLACKOUTS or the way more dark and synthie-based sounds from his other band DAILY VOID or even his experimental solo stuff and though I actually love everything he did, MICKEY is my new favourite Mac Blackout outfit.Although pressed on 1 2inches of vinyl by Philly based FDH records it features ‘just’ six songs but all of them are great and if that isn’t enough for the fanboys of you, check out his 7inch releases on Ho Zac and Florida’s Dying.So, grab another cold one, put an OC-dassic like »Mommy’s little Monster«, »Dance with me AII the Time« is just a perfect Pop-Punk song while »Hey 0K« sounds a bit more like WAX MUSEUMS... It’s not Tom Petty, but then it’s not that abrasive or political or anything either. Actually I think that’s a perfect label-choice, you fit great there with other great bands like GENTLEMAN JESSE etc, do you feel so too ? A lot of great stuff has come out on Douchemaster, e g. It’s got this like coun- try feel to it while being blasted at you. »Sexi Lady«, »Wrong Right«, »Lymes iw Apdic*'’f^Uoil MA.\.

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(Roman GG-Go) THE MIGHTY STEF TMS And The Baptists CD [Tonetoaster] What's this?Sometimes it’s easy to write the same song twice, then I realize what I’m doing and scrap it and try to write something different. THE MANGES from La Spezia are one of the longest running bands for that genre in Europe and once again they deliver an all-out fast album (12 songs in 22 minutes), without all the worn out love/beach/sunshine cliches.This process lends itself more mediocre material as time goes on. The sound is perfectly produced by Joe Queer (who also sang some backgrounds) and mas- tered by Johnny Love (LE VOLUME ETAIT AU MAXIMUM).Okay, Duisburg isn’t Oberhausen, but it’s pretty close.