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11-Sep-2018 07:40

Top cities to find a rich, single woman: Francisco/Oakland/San Jose is ranked 14th, but is ranked 155th in the ratio of single females to single males. We spend a week in Guerneville every summer with our kids, and I can't say for certain, but I usually get the distinct feeling that my husband and I, as an opposite sex couple, are the minority on the river's beach.

Wiki says: Today, the gay population of the city is estimated to be approximately 15%, and gays remain an important force in the city's life. In fact the 49ers have had some recent trouble with the team's relationship with San Francisco's gay community and the team's gay fans.

They usually get attention only when they choose to.

What makes me uncomfortable is the possibility that MTFs may be carrying over assumptions of male privilege into their female gender roles, and that just ain't right. Of all the out transpeople here at the SDMB, we're all MTFs.) So I'm just saying I think lesbians should get equal time, equal attention.

These behaviors are reserved for homosexuals in other parts of the country, and people who see, say, 300,000 people turn out for a gay-marriage rally may mistakenly assume that all 300,000 are gay.

Finally, to go back to the original premise of your post ...

Their supporting reason: there are more homosexual people living in SF than non-homosexual.

I found this claim dubious, but I couldn't offer any substantial evidence to contradict it.

Some women consider Silicon Valley to be replete with available young men with above-average disposable income. Of course, I see plenty of same sex couples, but I never thought the numbers were unusually high. I would have guessed the little towns of Guerneville or Sebastopol (just outside of SR) as having more gay and lesbian couples than Santa Rosa.San Francisco has a higher percentage of gays and lesbians than any other major US city. I'd never been there before and, as a straight man, was slightly apprehensive about the possible preponderance of homosexual men, especially as my old mate Bob, a renowned shirtlifter* himself and who had had a whale of a time there in the mid-80's, had led me to believe that every second geezer was of that persuasion.During that week, I believe I encountered just one single solitary bloke whom I categorised (however wrongly) as potentially homosexual - he was serving at the Round Table pizza place on Van Ness Avenue.San Francisco has a higher percentage of gays and lesbians than any other major US city. And since straight couples engage in 69 too, your "joke" isn't funny no matter how many smilies s you attach to it. I'm very happy for all the lesbian Santas out West. This reminds me: Does anyone get the impression that gay men get more prominence, attention and information than lesbians?

This thread is raising more questions in my mind than it has answered. How do they really know with any accuracy what the real gay and lesbian population is in a given place? Now where are the best places for lesbians on the East Coast? This may be heading in the direction of Great Debates, but don't you think that reflects male domination of society on the whole?

If not, then most cities certainly have bars that cater to lesbians. My wife works for the SF city government, and having discussed this very question me one night, she discovered officially there is no statistic available. This is probably responsible for impressions that people have about a majority of SF being homosexual men.

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