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09-Oct-2018 21:35

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Remember - this is superficial window shopping at first - so you need to assume that the worst picture is the most representative.B) Stretched the truth about what they are looking for or completely misrepresented it. A good example of this - there was one girl that found my profiles on both OKCupid (Ok Stupid) and POF.usually I will DQ someone for this - but there have been exceptions. So anyway - this is where I plan to share some of my adventures with you all. certainly The Internet would never lie to us would it?" Then followed up with something pretty milktoast - "I was reading through your profile (insert something in common) and tend to agree with The Internet." Again - when has The Internet ever lied or mislead anyone?Apparently she dug it when I "waxed poetic" and reached out to me.I was traveling for work for 3 weeks at the time - so we emailed quite a bit back and forth.

The other is more "biting, sarcastic, accutely funny with a hint of smartassery" in it.Insider Tip: If you are okay with meaningless sex with this type of girl - just list your salary as over 0K...that seems to be the sweet spot to attract them like moths to a flame.every now and again one will slip though that you look at and go "WTF - is this even the same person?

" You need to watch out for them....that's pretty much the photo grenade that can blow it all up - no matter how hot they appear in the other pictures.

One thing leads to another, we go out a couple of times and end up in the sack.

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