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18-Aug-2018 09:14

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Now, the 35-year-old business entrepreneur is himself married.

The online dating service Frumster began in December 2001, “my current management team bought it on September 4, 2003.” said Mr. It was launched as an Orthodox dating site by “disenfranchised Jdate users” who did not feel that it was a good environment for them.

The site, which offers a free and premium subscription, claimed to have a membership of over 30,000 and was the largest Orthodox Jewish online dating service in 2005.

Between 20 it claimed to have matched 1222 members and announced its 500th wedding.

We have over 2100 [users] that have been reported to have gotten married through our site.

That is 40 people every month.” he said.“We really do not look at the competition.

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The competition is not a motivator.“We really do not think about JDate.When I built the site back in 2003 and one of the big things he told me was never look at the competition, look at the customers and make sure they’re happy.”Now, he said “we’re getting more activity, more profiles.I was one of the first members of Frumster back in 2001 and I was so happy with the service I decided to buy it.” he admitted.The popular Orthodox Jewish dating service, Frumster, will change its name to JWed, according to JWed CEO and primary majority owner, Ben Rabizadeh.