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, for all its artistic claims, seems to have been just another 1970s porno, albeit with a somewhat unusual pedigree.Fischer and another Wet Dreams director, Dusan Makavejev, would make the cult-sex film Sweet Movie that same year.It holds interest as an example of 1970s political and cultural ephemera, but few (if any) of the segments would pass as truly erotic.In 1971, Nicholas Ray began a two-year stint teaching at Harpur College at SUNY Binghamton.Elsewhere, Mark Betz in Beyond the Subtitle reveals that the project was spearheaded by International Film Festival Rotterdam, while John David Slocum claims director Max Fischer produced the film entirely by himself; this latter theory was repeated in 2005 by Vanity Fair.Fischer’s heavy involvement is hardly in question, and the rich, nameless Dutch eccentric seems to have been a real person, but neither appear to have acted on behalf of International Film Festival Rotterdam, nor is it verified that the film showed at the festival at all.He ran up enormous bills others ended up footing and was in dire need of cash.

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The same year Wet Dreams was made in Amsterdam, French porn distribution company Alpha France acquired the rights and showed the film in Paris, and it’s the Alpha France print that can be found today, though unfortunately not on any legitimate VHS or DVD release.

She propositions him but he declines, stating that the sermon is about to begin and she needs to take collection.

It is at this point that we realize the timelines for the preacher and the janitor have split, the preacher giving his sermon in the past and the janitor sweeping up after him in the cinematic present.

Patrick Mc Gilligan notes in Nicholas Ray: The Glorious Failure of an American Director that some say the film — Ray’s first in a decade — received a standing ovation, but biographer Bernard Eisenschitz says the film “went unnoticed” by everyone.

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After the showing and subsequent interviews, Ray quickly ran through his funds, forcing him to crash at the homes of a series of acquaintances in Paris.Dubbed in a deep, resonant French voice, probably by Alpha France for their Paris release, Ray preaches to the assembled about Moses, the Ten Commandments, and the theft of a ruby ring he bought from collection money gathered at previous sermons.Almost immediately the assembled begin to praise his spiritual wisdom, and the congregation is moved to sexual expression.He also understood that he was at once two people, a worshiped and indulged priest and a lonely, ignored working stiff.