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02-Jan-2019 16:36

After a long week of work sometimes you want to hang out and have some fun with your friends in a nightclub.

Go to a club have their own dress code, so you will like to look glamorous, sexy and glitzy.

I am so glad my mom married my dad because no other man on the face of the earth could ever afford her. Not the street—the upscale clothing and accessory line. “More than you know.” “I don’t know why you feel the need to go to college, Emily,” my father barks.

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He took care of me when I needed a place to stay, and I took care of him when his brother got sick with cancer. The Reed family is poor, and they don’t even have a computer. So letters and phone calls are not possible for us. The pilot announces that we’ll be arriving in New York in twenty minutes over the intercom. My dad doesn’t know everything about my life away from him. Dad’s bodyguard sets his newspaper to the side and buckles his seat belt. I didn’t take a dime of my father’s money, and I supported myself by busking in the subways with my guitar for change. He chooses to think I lived an upscale life while I was away. Red dresses exude sexiness; so you can go with a simple style and be sure to keep the silhouette clean and curvy.

You can match a red dress with simple accessories so you can maintain all the attention on the dress.

I wouldn’t marry that ass if he were the last man on earth. What’s really bad is that he believes it even though Trip is really just an opportunistic a**hole who wants to climb the financial ladder, and he wants to use me as the top rung.

Smart, Sexy and Secretive The Reed Brothers #2 Author Tammy Falkner. Emily. My dad doesn't want me to go back to New York. He's wholeheartedly opposed to it. But New York is where my heart is. It's where Logan is. And we're in a plane on our way there right now. I met Logan in the fall. He took care of me when I.… continue reading »

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