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The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains.They have a world to win.” (1840-1913) 10 Co-founder of the German Social Democracy with Wilhelm Liebknecht in 1869. Outstandingly argued for the emancipation of women's rights before capitalism could be overthrown.[Biography] (1841-1911) 30 A member of the Paris Commune.Staunch advocate of Women's rights, wrote also on the history of religion, morals, literature, language, and comedy. [Biography] In the 1880s, militant workers' movements grew up in all the capitalist countries.

A lot of people might look at what I have written, and wonder if This is a fair question and the answer to it is very simple; Adventists have very low expectations for people that are non-Adventists.

Marxists built powerful social-democratic parties which gave political leadership to these movements and transformed Marxism into a worldwide, mass movement.

(1854-1938) 60 Helped create the German Social-Democracy, one of the best-known theoreticians of the Second International, and a leading proponent of Marx & Engels after their death. [Biography] (1834-1896) 300 Helped create the Socialist League (with E. An artist who became a revolutionary communist through his search to address the lack of creative and artistic freedom allowed in the capitalist work process.

Believed that democratic control of all industries and services must be held by workers organised into industrial unions.

[Biography] (1855-1926) 40 Helped build the American Railway Union, and later the American Socialist Party. [Biography] —————— (1868-1916) 300 Helped create the Irish Socialist Republican Party in 1896; served as Secretary of the Transport and General Workers Union.When you leave, you leave a path of destruction when you exit.Overnight your good standing, love and appreciation disappears.Based in London, the International found supporteres across Europe and in the U. Established the ground work of Marxism through an examination of the rise of capitalism, the history of society, and critique of many prevailent philosophies.

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