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The "best" three images from some obscure source are in 10,000 places, and (if we're lucky) attributed properly in two of those places. Documenting Erotic Provenance The internet never forgets a dirty picture.The other seven images from that source might or might not be on the internet at all, and the text that was first published with them? Finding those rare correct attributions, searching out the true source, assembling the of this curation than I would prefer, because it takes oodles of time (and often money) that I currently can't afford. But it gets confused, sometimes, about where they came from.

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When I started blogging, I didn't set out to be a journalist; and indeed I've been known to vociferously disclaim any journalistic pretensions.

The two specific threats that most firmly grip my attention are:1) Search discrimination, which began when Google started assuming people do not want to see adult results unless they use an unrelated explicit keyword along with their actual search term.

It now finds its expression in an infinity of apps, devices, and social media platforms that simply exclude adult content from their walled gardens or blacklist most adult keywords in their internal search tools, predictive algorithms, and even their voice recognition engines.2) The #Pornocalypse, which is what I call the tendency of closed-platform internet companies that welcome adult content at first (using our stuff to accelerate platform adoption and growth) and then later evict all of us stinky sex-people once it's time to start courting the prudish/squeamish Wall Street or Silicon Valley moneybags investors.

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The kind with bottomless amphorae of wine -- and bottomless party guests, too! I want to do that too - and so do you, if you're an Eleutherian supporter.

In accordance with O. C. G. A. § 42-1-12, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation GBI is the central repository for Georgia's Violent Sexual Offender Registry. The.… continue reading »

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