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03-Nov-2018 01:04

I have established, good credit (Fico- 720), but my co-borrowers credit is not that good.

When you apply for a loan, would they deny it because the co-borrowers credit is bad?

I understand that this question really depends on the individual that is applying for an auto loan and what their story is, although, on average, which is the best? Probably spends about 200-300 on other expenses (gas, food, etc). I've been with him for over a year and we click completely.

" Repayment of loan from a business partner after April 5th? I've never felt the same about any other man in my life and I just know...he's the one.

I don't want to have to do this for the rest of my life and I don't want to dump him over a bunch of green pieces of paper. He owns"" his home" Repayment of loan from a business partner after April 5th?

Yeah, money is important in this world, but it's certainly not everything. I don't know much about what happens when you can't pay your credit card bills. Thanks." Options on assuming a mortgage as an heir to a dead parent? Repayment of loan from a business partner after April 5th?

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but we found a house and that we would really like to have and we have two credit cards that are maxed out if we pay them off would are credit go up.They called and made appts to pick up but never showed. Truck is sitting with a flat tire, battery was stolen, dirty and dusty. Is it legal for me to put a tag back on it and drive it in the meantime?My landlord said that I may be able to keep the truck now because it is considered abandoned. Is there anyone here who knows about this type thing?" Breakdown Cost of Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy in California? Myself and a couple friends are all considering filing Chapter 7. I was told by my Attorney to list my car in my BK but do not reaffirm the loan, just keep paying for it and they will not contact you. I tried to trade the car in and I was approved on a new car loan but not with trading the old car in because Its worth 7 thousand dollars less than I owe. Once I get the new loan/car I was thinking about returning the older car.