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I got the 1st boat out when it calmed down again, think I was the 2nd or 3rd lorry off at the other end, all the papers were there taking pictures of us i sailed out on Sally line on my first Euro trip in the late 80s and then used them a lot when driving for Morrison Freight in the 90s always a good spread of foood layed out ,but remember one time 6 of us shipped out allhad a plate full of prwans ,that night there was 6 of us spent the night in the toilets at Achen services ! I used them as a passenger when the Schiaffino had more than 12 drivers when I was on for North West Freighters.

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In the early days it could take over an hour to queue up at Customs at Ramsgate because if they turned anybody out, everybody else had to wait until they had finished before moving up a place- C & E didn't have a shed so they did the search in the lanes.Used to use Sally quite a bit, nice food on the passenger boats, the freighters were crap though.I was stuck in Dunquerque in the blockade in 87/88 whenever it was, waiting for the Sally boat.then some unspeakable swine went and got a GV9 just as i was leaving the office so i missed the boat the booze was basically free and they were shagging in lumps according to my colleague who did manage to go Used Sally line alot during the 80`s and early 90`s. ...........those prawns must have gone back and forth across the channel more times than most of the drivers!!