Fraternity dating rules

25-Aug-2018 00:01

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This is particularly relevant at those universities and colleges that offer many opportunities for social interaction, community service, and leadership, all of which draw upon various student abilities and fulfill diverse student interest and needs.

I believe fraternities and sororities have outlived their usefulness.

For much of my time as an undergrad, I didn’t have a problem with my fraternity.

I thought we were different and resented the stereotyping of all fraternities, down to the use of the word “frat.” Then I moved into the house and surrounded myself with more than 80 of my brothers for the duration of my senior year.

While fraternities and sororities are quite wonderful experiences for some, we need to inquire whether on balance they have outlived their usefulness. The Greek System in 2015 I begin with a question: Were the Greek system proposed today as way of improving campus life for colleges and universities, would it be approved?

I am convinced that at most colleges and universities, the answer would be "No." At Cornell, where I teach, with over 1000 extra-curricular and service activities and a plethora of ways to find a comfortable community of friends, what would be the reason for approving such a system?

I know plenty of people in my fraternity who didn’t exhibit these troubling characteristics, and we were successful in raising thousands of dollars for many charitable endeavors.We work with 54 social fraternities and sororities at Florida State University.These values-based organizations promote leadership, scholarship, brotherhood/sisterhood and service.If you’re a guy, you might be wondering if you should join a fraternity. And I say that as a recently graduated fraternity alum.

Fraternities are organizations plagued by racism, misogyny, homophobia, and hypermasculinity that put on a good enough front and maintain a wall of secrecy to continue without addressing these issues.

Seeing and hearing what happens on a daily basis opened my eyes and made me realize that this was no different than most other fraternities.