Forward lookup zone not updating

29-Jan-2019 09:39

For those who have tried, they probably noticed that none of the computers did dynamically register the reverse lookup (PTR) records in DNS.

So what need to be done for each Azure VMs to register their PTR record dynamically?

DNS As I mentioned earlier we’re configuring an authoritative server so leaving recursion to its default (which is enabled) will create a vulnerability for DNS Do S attacks.

Open the DNS Manager, right-click the name of your server and click properties. But it isn’t done yet, the server still has root DNS servers in its configuration so it returns the root DNS server details each time it is queried for a non existent domain name.

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If your know how DNS works you can easily setup your own DNS hosting server to host an unlimited number of domains.Quite simple, the DNS Dynamic Registration setting under manual configuration of NIC properties in Azure are not persistent, so it must be automated.The solution provided below is a suggested solution to automate the process using a Power Shell startup script in Active Directory Group Policy (GPO) Power Shell v3.0 is required for the script to complete work on Win2008R2.I was asked to setup an infrastructure in Azure Iaa S for a legacy application that requires IPv4 reverse DNS lookup (Limited to the Iaa S environment).

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