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06-Aug-2018 00:56

This means your hard earned bonus will not be wiped out due to one minor indiscretion.As long as you have earned at least 4 years no claims, you can pay to safeguard the discount.For only a small additional premium you could ensure you do not lose your hard earned no claims bonus if you have an accident.Protecting your no claims bonus will ensure your discount is unaffected, by any incidents subject to specific limits on the number of claims within a set period (normally no more than 2 claims in a 3 year period).The cost is normally reasonable, probably something like a 10% additional premium.With this comes peace of mind, considering that your bonus can be reduced by two years following an incident or even wiped out completely if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in two incidents. For example, fire and theft claims, a ‘hit and run’ where there is no third party, being hit by an uninsured driver or even whilst recovery of any injuries/excess are outstanding.

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For more information please visit our breakdown page. You will need to supply us with the latest renewal notice from your current insurer or a letter on their headed paper confirming the number of years discount you have.

After all, recommendation has always been our most effective method of building our business!

“It was a pleasure to talk to someone with knowledge and intelligence instead of tapping details endlessly into frustrating cyber-space.

Yes, we need to be informed about any change to your personal details or your circumstances. I’ve been convicted of a minor speeding offence; do I need to let you know?

Any change, however minor it may seem, should be reported to us.

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