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If you have dating site for foreign women and American men, how are you getting you site IMBRA compliant? In fact, as a practical matter, some lady fiancees may choose to terminate the visa application and end her relationship with the gentleman, if she finds out for the first time at the Embassy from the Consular Officer's government background security check of her suitor's criminal past, such as for example a series of ex-wife abuse convictions.I'm creating site for Colombian women and Foreign men so I'm interested on how others are modifying code on their sites to accommodate this new law. Q #3: Will this law really be enforced and, if so, how? (Many background checks are not black or white but gray. PROBLEM OF CONSULAR INTERVIEW: Another problematic issue for the foreign owner (or U. owner living overseas) is the Consular Interview for the visa.

As of that date all sites which offer personal contact information (or any means of facilitating communication between parties from in the US to outside the US) are required to do extensive background checks on all US clients that wish to communicate IN ANY WAY with a foreign member . (There is a 60 day waiting period before the law’s provisions take effect, meaning March 06, 2006.) On its face, the broker provisions of the law delegate enforcement to the Justice Dept, and thus the U. This may be an immigration judge at the various immigration courts around the country or possibly before a federal magistrate. Thus, "United States clients" are required to comply with this law, and supply the mandated background information and documents. Some ask how can that be if she "qualifies" for the visa. Keep in mind that the above applies only at the IMB stage of the couple’s communication and relationship.

Thus, the lady beneficiary will be privy to more information and documents concerning her Petitioner than ever before, regardless of how the couple met.

Q #11: Does this law apply to BOTH men AND women United States Clients who seek a romance partner abroad, or ONLY to men United States Clients who seek romance with a woman foreign national?

How are you going to make your site IMBRA compliant? Check out this link : DC (PRWEB) April 2, 2007 -- On March 26, 2007, a new federal law restricting Americans from contacting foreigners through internet dating sites was upheld by a federal court after a Constitutional challenge by an internet dating company. Alberto Gonzales, -CV-0426-CC, Judge Clarence Cooper of the US District Court for the Northern District of Georgia dismissed a lawsuit by European Connections which claimed that the law violated the right to freedom of speech contained in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. The law states explicitly that it does NOT “pre-empt” or supercede any rights, penalties, remedies or enforcement under any state law. This, in our view, would be the conservative and safe reading of the law in terms of compliance. customers and derives most of their revenue from U. Q #6: Does this law's enforcement focus ONLY on the brokers and agencies, or does it also apply to the U. This does NOT mean however that there are no penalties at all on the U. Thus, under all these definitions, this law seems to reach out and cover IMBs offering any type of reasonable platform for helping a U. client gentleman and foreign national lady to communicate and meet, for purpose of romance, love and marriage. Answer: According to this new law, this information or documentation is supplied by the U. client directly to the IMB agency or company at the time the the U. client signs up for and purchases the services of the IMB. The IMB is responsible for collecting and gathering this information or documentation from each U. client, storing it, translating it to the primary language of the foreign national client and securing from her a signed, written consent as to that specific U. Answer: The law allows a brief "grace period" before taking effect. As for K Visa petitions which have been filed and not yet approved BEFORE the effective date of the law, March 06, 2006, those will likely NOT have to comply with the "petition requirements" for initial filing. Immigration Service though may choose, in specified cases, to send out an RFE (Request for Additional Evidence) for petitioner's police records or domestic violence orders. CLIENTS: These provisions require the IMB to collect background information or documents from the U. client gentleman, and supply them to the foreign national women in her primary language, and to secure from the woman her signed written consent as to that specific gentleman BEFORE her contact information is released to the gentlman.

Thank you,-Eric Well, this law seems to apply to all dating sites that intends to facilitate dating like service between US and foreigners. citizen revealing any current or past protection or restraining order, most criminal arrests and convictions, virtually all arrest or convictions for domestic or sexual offenses, multiple convictions for substance and/or alcohol abuse, the U. client's marital history (including the reason for termination of any prior marriages), the ages of any of the U. citizen's children under the age of 18, and a list of all States and counties that the U. citizen has lived in since the client was 18 years of age. Distribute to the foreign national a pamphlet currently being developed by the U. The plaintiff had failed to challenge the law based on the First Amendment right to assemble. client” is gender-neutral, and thus the law would apply to both gentlemen U. clients seeking foreign lady nationals, and lady U. There is another view that this provision does NOT at all affect foreign citizens or IMBs releasing contact information to foreign citizens, given a principle of court "statutory construction" which says: give effect to all provisions of a statute whenever possible if they can be reconciled. At this time, there is no prescribed or pre-fabricated U. Section 833(d)(7)(A)states: "EFFECTIVE DATE - IN GENERAL..subsection shall take effect on the date which is 60 days after the date which is the date of enactment of this Act." The law was signed into enactment by the President on January 05, 2006. It is important to note however that AFTER APPROVAL in these cases AND AS PART OF THE VISA ISSUANCE PROCESS, all of this law's requirements about more intensive security checks, and Consular Interview questions and discussion, and Embassy Document requests will apply. The "Transaction" Process (Release of Foreign Lady's Contact to U. Client): Starting on March 06, 2006, IMBs will be required to comply with the new law for all "transactions".I think it is best to comply with the IMBRA requirements if your customer base is foreign women and US citizens and the objective is to facilitate communications between them. Now, visa can be denied if women meet US citizen on a site that is not IMBRA compliant. According to Tristan Laurent, President of the advocacy group Online Dating Rights, "We will now have to take legal action from the point of view of the users of online dating sites. Under this narrow reading of the IMBRA statute, the term in Section 833(d)(4) "other than United States client" must be read together with the sentence which follows (and the whole statute, if there is no conflict). Thus, the law's provisions, with the exception of the development and distribution of the newly-mandated Homeland Security domestic violence pamphlet, go into effect in 60 days or by AM U. In other words, before the woman's contact can be released to the gentleman, all of the document compliance requirements must be met.The foreign women will be asked during the interview. The whole idea that it is now a crime for American men to send emails to women in other countries is so preposterous it is beyond belief. The following sentence says: "Such information shall not be disclosed to potential United States clients or individuals who are being recruited to be United States citizens or representatives." This narrow view holds that the term "other than United States citizens" is intended by the drafters only to refer to such "middlemen" or potential United States clients, not foreign citizens, especially in light of the apparant silence of the statute or the legislative history to address foreigners anywhere else. Compliance officers can check for IMB compliance quite easily by visiting the IMB's website, calling the IMB office, and asking the IMB's customers and clients if the IMB is asking for their background information or documents." The law has been attacked in a bipartisan fashion by prominent feminist Wendy Mc Elroy by men's rights supporter David Usher (Bo Cooper, former INS General Counsel from several years ago, actually drafted this law; he sits on the board of directors of the feminist Tahirih Justice Center and intended to provide broad abuse protection to immigrant fiancées and brides.) The definition of IMB, under Section 833(e)(4)(A), is any corporation, individual, or legal entity, whether or not existing under the laws of the U. Examples are: 1) The "Petition Provisions" of IMBRA.