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23-Dec-2018 11:23

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The only contributing system to this attribute was this Management Agent.The key part was not having an inbound import on that attribute from the FIM portal to avoid the FIM portal setting what I term a ‘sticky value’ to the Metaverse.Converting string attribute values into GUID attributes and vice versa b.Using ‘leftpad’ and ‘rightpad’ to pad values out with ‘0’ values to the require attribute length.The key success was not having a single piece of C# code for any Metaverse Rules Extensions.I did, however use some Management Agent Rules Extensions on the Active Directory Management Agent and my ‘source of truth’ Management Agents.Microsoft are obviously keen to have as many of their customer use Declarative provisioning where possible.

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rule function guarantees that all objects can get to the FIM portal regardless of data quality issues. Using ‘Temporal Sets’ and ‘Transition In’ triggers to send out reminder emails about an account that was due to expire.

This was achieved using an Action ‘lookup’ workflow and XPath filters. Managing the update of all object attributes in the FIM portal, including exposing new objects like ‘Location’ and ‘Organisational Unit’ objects with custom FIM portal extensions, and writing of RCDC XML files for each attribute (time consuming but exposes the power of the FIM portal as a potential area to manage some objects exclusively in the portal) 4.

Replacing DirSync with Microsoft Azure. function used here is not the same one documented in the VB for Applications language reference. Specify the DN of a.… continue reading »

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How can you tell whether or not a resource in FIM has a value for a reference attribute? The tongue-in-cheek answer is “much easier than if you want to check for.… continue reading »

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Posts about Forefront Identity Manager FIM. multivalued reference attribute. LDAP connector detects the renaming of an object distinguished name.… continue reading »

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