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The Rose Morris company, who owned the Vox name through the 1980s, sold Vox to Korg in the early 1990s, who then manufactured a reissue of the early '60s AC30 Top Boost, correcting previous inconsistencies ranging from the correct style grille cloth to the GZ34 rectifier tube.

These AC30 amps were mostly offered in the traditional black Tolex/brown diamond grille configuration, but were also available in limited numbers with purple, red, or tan tolex.

The Vox AC30 was originally introduced in 1959 at Hank Marvin's request as the "big brother" of the fifteen watt (15 W) AC15 model, Vox's original flagship amplifier, because the AC15 was not loud enough with the screaming fans at Cliff Richard's concerts.

The AC15 was powered by a pair of EL84 tubes, an EF86-driven "Normal" channel, an ECC83-driven "Vib-Trem" channel, and rectified by an EZ81.

In spite of at least one AC30 production run titled "Limited Edition" of 100 units with starting serial number 0100 (1991) (no reverb), production of the AC30 has practically never ceased: Newer AC30s are reissues of the various top boost AC30/6 (AC30TB) models.

This first generation of AC30s were housed in "TV-front" cabinets, much like the early to mid-50s tweed Fender amps, and had a single 12-inch Goodmans 60-watt speaker, as opposed to the later, conventional twin 12-inch speaker configuration.Fender Telecaster with maple neck, leather scratchplate hand-tooled by Seymour Duncan; Gibson Sonomatic strings; John Grey five-string banjo,1 x ER 100-watt WEM amplifier4 x 12" Fane speakers WEM Copicat echo unit EKO Ranger 6-string acoustic Fender Telecaster with maple neck; Gibson Sonomatic strings; Fender Telecaster with rosewood neck (spare);1 100-watt WEM amplifier,1 x WEM Super Starfinder cabinet4 x 12" Fane speakers EKO Ranger 12-string acoustic Blackfoot Sue also appeared in International Musician magazine in advertisements for various sound systems - including audio engineer Claude Venet's "Mi" branded amplifiers (above, dating from October 1973) and the Vitavox Thunderbolt (below, dating from 1975).The Vox AC30 is a guitar amplifier manufactured by Vox.This second generation AC30/4 had two channels with two inputs, hence the "4" in the model name, and a single tone control, and was powered by a quartet of EL84 (6BQ5) power tubes, making it truly a doubling of the AC15 power amp circuit.

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The AC30/4 also carried over the AC15's preamplifier circuit, which included the EF86 pentode in its "Normal" channel.In the late 1970s Vox also introduced a solid-state AC30 (AC30SS), which is the AC30 model that was used by Status Quo.A tube AC30TB with spring reverb feature was reintroduced in 1978.About this time, the "Top Boost" (or "Brilliance") feature became available as Vox's optional addition of a rear panel-mounted circuit that introduced an extra gain stage and tone controls for bass and treble (as opposed to the single "tone" control of earlier AC30s).

Tagstrip construction. 1974-1978. * Same chassis and case but Celestion G12M speakers fitted. 1978-1979. * Control panel process changed to spray-paint/screen print. * Two rows of PCB's for control section. * G12M speakers. 1979-1985. * Same chassis and case but pale-blue Fane 125283 speakers. Vox AC30 dalle.… continue reading »

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The history of the Vox amplifier line is inexplicably tied to the fortunes.misfortunes.the succession of the eight UK firms that have owned the Vox marque since 1957. A brief ownership history of Vox follows. Founded in the early fifties as the Jennings Organ Company of Dartford Kent, UK and renamed Jennings.… continue reading »

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Simms Watts Fane 50 watt cast frame speakers. Guitar Amp 1959 Fender Bassman clone circuit with two speakers 50 watts Made from all reclaimed/recycled wood. Find this Pin and more on Amps by. Rare & unusual studio gear, instruments & effects dating from the to the present day. Find this Pin and more on.… continue reading »

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Loudspeaker Size 12", Impedance 8 Ohm, Rated power 250 W, Frequency range 45 Hz - 17 kHz, SPL 98 db, Weight 4.3 kg.… continue reading »

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Aug 25, 2013. Colonel Julian Fane, who has died aged 92, was awarded two Military Crosses and the Croix de Guerre in the Second World War; he subsequently had a successful career in the City. As a fluent French speaker, he subsequently served as liaison between the British and French during the Suez Crisis.… continue reading »

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