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At a minimum, students can expect advising relationships to provide: These letters of evaluation can be the primary method through which advising is given weight in faculty promotions.If you have had a good or bad experiences with a professor, or if you have any thoughts as to whether a professor will serve students' interests in the future, you can make these known in a letter of evaluation.Undergraduate and graduate students are involved in most projects.The interdisciplinary graduate program in Environmental and Conservation Sciences (ECS) plays an important role in recruiting graduate students to the Department.He is also studying full-glacial beetle faunas from the Pacific Northwest and from southern Chile.As a result of a collaborative study involving testing of biogeographic hypotheses using molecular genetics, he has become progressively more interested on how the results of paleontological studies might be used to predict the response of insects to global warming.

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The document was then revised for the UH web site by the Director of Graduate Studies after incorporating changes recommended by the Department Executive Committee and Graduate Student Council (GSC).

The goal is to increase awareness of the factors that produce a valuable partnership in the pursuit of scientific knowledge.

The advising relationship will ideally foster students' confidence, skills, and grounding in theory.

Everyone has a different view of the ideal advising relationships and good advising relationship take many different forms.

There is widespread agreement, however, that certain responsibilities and rewards are an inherent part of any mentoring relationship between student and faculty member.This relationship should be the student's doorway to participation in the profession of psychology.In most cases, students and faculty will both feel that the relationship is productive and rewarding.After incorporating their comments, a final review was conducted by the UCLA Faculty Executive Committee in 1995.

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Guidelines for Student-Faculty Relationships. This document has its roots in a department-wide student survey administered by the UCLA Psychology Graduate.… continue reading »

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