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11-Aug-2018 00:28

Their goal is to find meaning or joy in whatever they are doing.

They have learned the value of timing and a compassionate heart, and can process sorrow and joy with the same gentle appreciation for life.

You won't usually find them leading with the package that most people think will work.

They appreciate sexual attractiveness, status, connections, social performance, financial success, and dramatic experiences, but they know those are not the positives that survive the test of time.

Example: She: (coming in the door from work) "Hi, honey. Because they can hold on to their own sense of excitement, their first response to an uninteresting situation is to try to make it more meaningful by using their own resources.

They know that staying bored will probably make them boring as well, and they don't want others to have to endure that.

I've watched these people carefully over many years.