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06-Jul-2018 19:46

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And since this website’s main focus is on Outlook, it makes sense to start with Outlook as well ;-).

The command for the manual update procedure can be found here: Outlook will automatically download updates only unless the size of the changes is larger than 12.5% (one-eighth) of the total OAB size.

In this guide, the relevant timings are explained and instructions are given in how you can directly force an update and resync, which can be very handy when troubleshooting or when you work in an Exchange environment which sees a lot of user mailbox mutations.

This means that in the worst possible scenario, an update to the Address Book won’t become available to the user until 48 hours after the change.

If you are in Cached Exchange Mode and your connection status is Disconnected, Trying to Connect, or Offline, you can see only the information that is in the offline address book.

Note: If you are using Cached Exchange Mode, we recommend that you download the full details of the offline address book.

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Due to various synching schedules, it can take up to 48 hours before you could actually see a change in Outlook after a modification has been made on the Exchange server or in Active Directory.

At the very same time that I unchecked this "cached exchange" option on one workstation, another user reported that his address book had now showed the changes to the names on the address list (and this is after having changed the name on exchange server over 24 hours ago).

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