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The confirmation of Eros Ramazzotti as an international artist arrives in April 1990 when 200 journalists from all over the world participate in the Venice press conference for the presentation of his fifth album: “In ogni senso”, released in 15 countries.The American record company head Clive Davis, seduced by Eros’ talent, encourages him to hold a concert at Radio City Music Hall in New York: Ramazzotti is the first Italian artist to perform upon this prestigious stage, with a more than satisfying all sold out.Nevertheless, his school career is short-lived; all he thinks about is music and he drops out in his second year of High School.In 1981 he participates in the “Voci Nuove di Castrocaro” competition: reaching the finals with “Rock 80”, a piece written by himself that allows him to obtain his first music contract with the young label DDD.What follows is another long tour that closes the following year with the double live album “Eros In Concert” in 1991: the album is presented on December 4th in Barcelona with a concert before 20 thousand people, broadcasted worldwide and sponsored by both the Italian as well as the Spanish governments.The entire profit is given to charity, equally divided between Barcelona and Milan’s Institute for Tumor Research.Born on October 28, 1963 in Cinecittà, in Rome, “where it is easier to dream than look reality in the eyes”, Eros spends his childhood occasionally participating as an extra in mass scenes of movies while dreaming of a celebrated career as a singer, encouraged by his Dad Rodolfo, a construction painter who has also recorded several songs.

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The song is released all over Europe, his record company considers him an international artist from his very first record: all of his albums are simultaneously released in Italian and Spanish. Even the “signature” Eros Ramazzotti becomes a familiar unchanged logo on all of his records.The European tour of “Tutte storie” is among the most important ones of the season: after the shows in the old Continent, Eros sets out for a series of concerts in fifteen Latin American countries.Returning to Italy, thanks to an idea of Ramazzotti’s, the “trio” with Pino Daniele and Jovanotti becomes a concrete experience: the Italian live event of the year.Eros moves to Milan and lives in the actual record company building; even his brother Marco and mother Raffaella move to Milan.

In 1982 he releases his first single, “Ad un amico”, but his talent is not yet ripe, and he begins to work with an export musician: Renato Brioschi.

In November he performs live at the Mtv Awards in Berlin singing “Cose della vita”.