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() BE: How did you come to reach that level of comfort? EC: Yeah, well, first of all, since this was Julia’s first film and I’ve been going at this for almost a decade now, we had a really great dialogue back and forth about, y’know, just certain expectations and things.Our trailers…we actually had a door that connected our trailers, so we would a lot of times have the door open, and we would have lunch together, and we really development a friendship.I think that when you have such clear direction like that…I mean, Rick Jacobsen, who I’ve worked with multiple times, not just on “Bitch Slap” but subsequently on “Spartacus” as well, he’s just one of those directors who knows exactly what he wants and knows how to ask for it.So, yeah, it wasn’t very difficult, because we were given such good direction.Allegiances are switched, truths are revealed, criminals are unmasked and nothing is quite what it seems as the fate of the world is precariously balanced among this trio of sexy femmes fatales. I thought that Hel was such a lovely, well-rounded character, and also she’s really strong and intelligent.

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” () So there were a lot of difficulties in just the sound and controlling the elements when you’re working outside, and we were working in such harsh conditions, as far as there was wind blowing and there was sand everywhere. () …for about a week after we’d performed, to the point where we couldn’t even shoot sometimes. Or there’d be blistering heat and the sun’s beating down on you, or it’d be freezing cold. But the great thing was that we had such an amazing crew, and as actor, you kind of feel like a bit of a jackass complaining about anything.BE: So how familiar were you with the films that this is sort of paying homage to? I mean, when I was high school, one of my favorite films was “Student Bodies,” which was…() …sort of a classic B-movie, but in more of the horror genre.() BE: Which scene was the hardest for you to deliver from a dialogue standpoint? Having to remember the name of the K-49 Corsair Belt-Fed Rail Gun with Zion Laser Scope Hellfire Dampening System and blah blah blah…?