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Their body types are generally shorter and rounder, and they are therefore generally regarded as more voluptuous.

Anecdotally, it is notable that designers and clothing in the fashion industry generally offers shorter and rounder clothing styles than are available in North America and Europe, and display mannequins are shorter with more rounded buttocks and busts to emphasize what is widely considered the more Latin woman’s shape.

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This speaks to the way of living in Ecuador and much of South America, which values enjoying life and nature and does not value long term complex planning and punctuality or control over activities and circumstances as is more common in North America.

The elites and those in the upper–middle classes are oriented toward education, personal achievement, and the modern consumerism of Euro–North America.

People in these classes regard themselves as muy culto ("very cultured"), and while they may learn English, French, or German as part of their formal education, most disavow knowledge of any indigenous language.

To verify this, it is appropriate to get to know her and discuss her interest to seek consent before proceeding with physical advances, which would be appropriate with any woman you meet around the world.

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Finally, if you’re thinking of dating Ecuadorian women, remember that they love flowers and enjoying life, so if you want to do your homework, you may want to impress her with some Latin dance steps!While not all women conform to this shape, as is a common discrepancy in the fashion industry, it is notable that this is the example that South American and Ecuadorian women aspire to in beauty standards, rather than a slimmer and taller North American or European standard.If you are interested in dating Ecuadorian Women, keep in mind that they are very friendly and that their interest in speaking with you or dancing with you is not a sign of intimate interest.Aside from traditional Ecuadorian dancing, salsa and merengue are also popular dances that Ecuadorian women learn in their childhood.

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