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23-Oct-2018 23:39

An additional 4 months was what it took before the boys began their show business career, upon the suggestion of their grandmother who taught acting.Dylan and Cole began appearing in diaper commercials before transitioning to TV.Owing to the California child labor laws that don’t allow kids to be filmed beyond a specific time per day, Dylan and Cole, like most child twins adopted the alternative method of interchangeably plying the same role which allows for more filming time.Their first TV role was in Grace Under Fire where they both played the main role of Patrick Kelly for 72 episodes.

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Read Also: Dove Cameron Before Plastic Surgery, Height, Feet, Net Worth, Bio The sitcom was an instant hit, making them Disney stars and members of the Disney Channel Circle of Stars, an 11 member group.

The franchise was discontinued in 2008 with only the clothing line left.

However, by March 2011, the clothing line was also discontinued.

The Sprouse brothers have both romanced a number of women in the entertainment scene. Like his twin, Dylan hasn’t been lacking in the love department either.

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In 2014, he entered into a serious relationship with model Dayna Frazer.

He voiced a character in RPG and is working on his own animated fantasy-series project.