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17-Jun-2018 20:56

They don't understand social dynamics on an "unconscious" level.

I feel their criticisms of Double Your Dating / David Deangelo are unwarranted and unfounded.

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David Deangelo's book explains some of the reasons why you wouldn't be... Therefore, you clearly don't know what works with women. Treat her with utter respect, and always treat her like a princess) The title of thread was "About various dating books". The women here will tell you that David Deangelo's crap doesn't work.David Deangelo tells you to get your head in the right place, and to start believing in yourself.

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David Deangelo teaches you to let go of negative past experiences and re-frame your beliefs so you have a positive outlook for the future. Women aren't attracted to men with low self-esteem.

UPDATE: David Deangelo has released a program that has transformed the online dating world.

David DeAngelo biography/ wiki with personal data. David DeAngelo is the alias name of the founder of the "Double Your Dating" company. Paul Janka. Julien Blanc.… continue reading »

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