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19-Sep-2018 14:58

Showing that hope springs eternal, 77% of the singles 50 are out there actively dating or trying to date. Finding other single friends with whom to socialize.

Contrary to common expectations about the dating scene, more men than women said money was the most important characteristic in a partner, and more women than men said looks and willingness to have sex were very important. What used to be a face to face encounter has evolved into a series of online interactions before a meeting takes place," says Jeff Taylor, Eons CEO and founder.

Inspired by the tasteful yet provocative depiction of senior sex in the soon to be released movie Play The Game, where Andy Griffith's 84-year old character receives oral pleasure from none other than "Mrs.

Seinfeld" actress Liz Sheridan, the survey shows that the movie is right: Seniors are having sex and they are enjoying it.

I propose we play more and give into societal norms less as we enter our 50s.

If the men you know in their 50s, 60s and 70s are too fuddy-duddy, look for some younger men.

"I'm a big fan of seniors living every day to the fullest in their later years, so I'm pleased to hear about these survey results. " Marc's grandfather, who started dating again when he was 89 years-old, served as the inspiration for Play The Game, which is set for a theatrical release across the country on August 28th.

I'm happy seniors are still exploring each other's bodies in every way," said Liz Sheridan, who plays Andy Griffith's girlfriend in Play The Game and who played ' Mrs. Marc Fienberg, the first-time writer/director of Play The Game, commented, "I'm happy that what my grandfather experienced in his love life, and what the characters in Play The Game experience in their sex lives, are finally being revealed to be much more common than any of us ever expected. Sex aside, the themes in the movie Play The Game echo other compelling findings about romance and dating among Boomers and seniors.

has attracted a team of renowned advisors and industry-leading partners.The truth is that some are bored with younger self-absorbed women their age who do not really know what they want.It might leave the man in your life lost for words – if, that is, you can stop him talking long enough to tell him.No longer the dowdy older depressed empty nester, we are discovering a full and fabulous life after children leave home.

Here's how you can still have great sex after 50. Women over 50 know. The truth is that some are bored with younger self-absorbed women their age who do not.… continue reading »

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Why do married women over 50 hate to have sex on a regular. Most women I know over 50 love sex on a regular basis; I know I do. Chat or rant, adult.… continue reading »

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