Dns records not updating windows xp

11-Jul-2018 00:41

If the client has an existing host record and changes the IP of the host record this is also considered an “Update” and the timestamp is set.

If the client has an existing host record with the same IP address then this is considered a “Refresh” and the timestamp may or may not get changed depending on zone settings. The third way to set scavenging on records is by using with the /ageallrecords switch.

Since new record timestamps are not replicated while zone scavenging is disabled this also gives replication time to get things in order.

The next safety valves are the Refresh and No-refresh intervals.

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Windows clients will attempt to dynamically update DNS every 24 hours. When a record is first created by a client that has no existing record it is considered an “Update” and the timestamp is set.

After Windows Update installed patches, my NIC unable to connect to the Internet.

It would still be able to DHCP an IP address from my DSL modem/router. I disabled Windows Update because the problem reoccured when it tried to reapply the updates.

When you first set scavenging on a zone the timestamp seen at the bottom (reload zone if you don’t see it) will be set to the current time of day rounded down to the nearest hour plus the Refresh interval.

This also gets reset any time the zone is loaded or any time dynamic updates get enabled on the zone.The purpose of a No-refresh interval is simply to reduce replication traffic.A change to a record means a change that must be replicated.This timestamp will be replicated around and the No-refresh interval begins again.