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And it’s fun to talk about early childhood, for we do establish much of our irrational tendencies as children just coping with life stress.

Life, if you're a kid, has inherent stressors, mainly having to do with weird rules and the behaviors of large people. Dysfunctional because while under the influence of an obsessive thought, or a compulsive behavior, whatever else is going on in our lives, whatever else is important, is taking a second to something as small as a pitcher of grape juice.

Through copious research, I’ve learned that the clouding of glass attributed to dishwasher detergent is most likely caused by minerals in the water and/or improper water softening — which is not a problem where I live. Modern dishwashers and detergents can handle crusty dishes and breakdown most solids.• Putting dishes that are too clean into a dishwasher can put them at risk.

If there’s no food film on the surfaces, the caustic detergent may attack the finish.

Another example of mythological OCD: My mother, 84.5, lives independently but won’t cook for herself anymore. She is a fabulous cook, a wonderful baker, and although I’ve tried to fill in, I’m too impatient for real baking; you know what I mean. Why should she have to clean up for herself at her age? And when should we leave symptomatic behavior alone?

She's done enough of that, cleaning up for herself, for others. We might suggest that if a younger person refuses to cook for herself because a splat of omelet on the range causes her too much distress, then that might be something to treat, depending upon a host of other variables. It’s not necessary to talk about toilet training as a child, although a therapist could make decent money off this approach.

Not until you're sure that spilling won't cause a heart attack. There's always another trigger to desensitize the patient who has this disorder. We could dedicate one side of the dishwasher to clean dishes, another to dirty.

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The intervention I discuss is only one strategy, and treating OCD can be quite long-term, begs different methods. I'm only suggesting that without a behavioral approach, the therapy is remiss. The Post Many couples argue about the right and the wrong way to stack a dishwasher.• Non-stick cookware: The rule-makers say not to put non-stick cookware in the dishwasher, but Du Pont says that if the coating is genuine Teflon, it’s OK to put it in.• Stainless steel is generally OK to put in the dishwasher.I say you can do cast-iron pans in the dishwasher, but apply a thin coat of olive oil to the cooking surface after you take it out, and heat it on the stove for a few minutes to renew the seasoning. Don’t wash (someone else’s) knives in the dishwasher.Get very close to spilling it, but definitely don't.

This requires some coordination, but repeat the near accident over and over, each time measuring the length of time the patient is holding his or her breath.And FD could actually look at a dish to see if the dish is clean. Most homes today have a dishwasher, but many people grew up without them. This depends on what the cookware is made from and/or coated with: • Aluminum discolors in reaction with dishwasher detergent.Most high-end knife manufacturers are orthodox on this point.