Disable automatic updating of email addresses

14-Nov-2018 17:58

However, we have a default email policy for new mailbox/user will have SMTP address as @

If i did create a AD account and change the Company properties to Fabrikam then create a mailbox then this new user will have one primary SMTP address @fabrikam only.

We run on exchange 2007 have 1 default email address policy as @and newly email address polify for staff with Company = Fabrikam will have address @

Had the same problem (a bit late) so I took your "script" and updated it.You need to disable email address policy to be applied to contacts in Exchange and it will partially solve the problem.1) Expand Microsoft Exchange On-Premises 2) Expand Organization Configuration 3) Select Hub Transport and go to Email Address Policies Tab 4) Edit each one leaving .After filling out a payment form, you may see a prompt to save your credit card information.