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Now since these are way out of print, this might not have helped me a couple years back.However, we live in Internet time, and the Internet has enabled me to find books that I would never have been able to find formerly. The intent was to scan it in and OCR it (convert it automatically to computer readable text).The original book is available online: And on Amazon:

The magazines that published them are gone, interest in them has waned.I am still looking for the games, or a better OCR program to convert the book form to computer form.The Creative Computing collection was received from helpful people on the net, and those sources restored to original condition as referenced to the original book.The gaming empire that became Quake started as a humble Apple computer game named "Castle Wolfenstein".

And of course, the ultimate irony is that the Microsoft Basic that ran many of these games started an empire of unimaginable wealth.

In this collection I found most every file accounted for.