Destiny love dating

07-Jan-2019 20:31

Solutions to all three include appreciating the masculine, opening up to them with playfulness and giving them the freedom they need. For me, I chose to make my #1 value God/Universe/Soul-guided decisions. Because Tony says that its our decisions that lead to our destiny so I figured that these are the best decisions to make.

The three main triggers for the feminine happen when their partner makes them feel unseen, doesn’t try to understand them, and makes them feel unsafe. Tony said one of the coolest experiences of his life recently was driving a Bugatti at 233 mph.

Its when you’re so frustrated and you hit a threshold that enough is enough and you must change NOW!

For me it was This may sound like a great question because its focused on growth and progress, but it also carries with it stress when things aren’t happening “fast enough”.Donny Epstein spoke about the second tier of consciousness in a previous episode, and this has to do with humanity’s new awakening.Tony does an exercise where people wear hats representing each stage of consciousness within the first tier and ends it with announcing the importance of living an integrated life.Thus I chose to change my question and a week after Date With Destiny, I sprained my ankle and embodied trusting the timing of everything.