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After five years working there, the mountains were calling and Brittany moved to Denver to attend graduate school at the University of Denver, and later earned her Master's degree in International and Intercultural Communications.

She works as the Marketing Manager at Denver Public Schools, where her work supports public education by encouraging families and students to attend Denver's schools.

For the first date, they went to a bar in South Broadway in Denver, immediately connected, and have been together ever since that first date.

After a combination brewery/barbeque joint date for the second date, for the third date they went to a Frightened Rabbit concert together.

Best of all, if you know how to ride a bike, you know how to ride an electric bike.

For more information or to reserve an electric bike, visit the Thunderbolt Peak website.

Brittany grew up in Anchorage, Alaska and her Alaskan upbringing inspired a love of hiking, camping and the mountains.

In search of a sunnier life closer to the beach, she moved to Los Angeles for college, attending the University of Southern California for an undergraduate degree in Public Relations.

Thank you so much for sharing the next step in our love with us!

Flyfishing lessons and fly tying classes are also available. There are several hiking trails that start right at the ranch.

The two most popular hiking trails are the Waterfall Trail and the Grand View Trail.

He started as a customer service representative, supporting clients across the world including those in Central and South America using his Spanish skills.

But eventually, he realized he had a passion and a knack for the science side of the business, and was promoted to a Lab Technician position.Patrick has a love for the Spanish language — he went to University of Washington in Seattle for college (Go Huskies! He later earned his Master's in Spanish at the University of Alcalá.Patrick lived abroad in Madrid and Cádiz, Spain pursuing this passion, and not only mastered the language but also met many dear friends in the process.Patrick and Brittany had separately moved to Denver in search of a town where those shared loves are celebrated, and in Denver they are lucky to have found their home, and each other.