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"If you lose a few while they're in the air, well, that's part of the game." Juggling Rule 3: Curb Your Jealousy If you haven't already thought of it, let us remind you: The nonexclusivity clause works both ways.

In other words, if you've made it clear to a guy in your life that you're not willing to settle down, chances are, he isn't either.

You'll get to play flirty hostess, and no doubt, your suitors will detect a hint of mystery about you. "You'll only make the guy jealous and yourself feel awkward." As long as you don't agree to exclusivity or say you're not seeing anyone else, what you do with your time is your business.

They'll wonder, Is she feeling that guy more than me? Of course, it's tough to dodge the subject when a guy asks you outright if you're dating anyone else. Say something short and simple, like "I don't want anything exclusive right now." End of story.

"The more nonchalant you act about a guy's other dates, the more secure and confident you'll feel about yourself, which in turn makes you more attractive to men," says Vogels.

Jasmine, 31, found that keeping her cool — and her sense of humor — allowed her to get through an awkward other-woman moment.

"I was at a bar with my date when a gorgeous blonde walked up to him and kissed him smack on the lips," she says. When my date tried to introduce me, she looked me up and down and refused to shake my hand.

After my initial shock, I had to giggle — this woman was making an ass of herself, while I was totally chill.

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If he does, make it clear, says Vogels, that you aren't going to spill.My date blew her off and apologized profusely to me." Juggling Rule 4: Be a "Big O" Opportunist When it comes to sex, you know the drill — get tested, get birth control, get condoms.Once that's taken care of, use your discretion about who to slip into the sack with.You'll never get hung up on whether any one man will call, and guys you go out with will pick up on that decidedly undesperate vibe and clamor for you even more. Read on for all the instruction you'll need to avoid potential pitfalls and maximize your man hot streak.

Juggling Rule 1: Cram Your Calendar You may be tempted to play it safe and spread out your dates so that you can get to know each of your suitors one by one.It was like being in love, but I was in love with life — not with any one guy." Really want to flex your multimanhandling muscle?Don't just double book for the same day; do it for the same event.Whether it's chance, timing, an exact alignment of stars — hell, who cares what it is!

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