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08-Feb-2019 14:49

, Woodlawn, A Question of Faith, and Same Kind of Different as Me.

With offices in and Scottsdale, Pure Flix has produced, acquired, marketed and distributed over 100 faith and family-friendly films. The company also features a leading streaming video-on-demand service, with thousands of movies, originals, TV shows and more emphasizing faith, family and fun.

Remote Control encourages bystander intervention and highlights how young men can help to prevent abuse.

/PRNewswire/ -- Fifty percent of America is single, and fewer people than ever before are committing to a traditional marriage.

HGTV star Christina El Moussa appears to be building a new relationship.Cronin, an advocate of traditional dating, gives her students a fascinating assignment: Go out on a date to receive extra credit—because these college students, she has learned, do not know how to date in the traditional sense of the term.The common challenge among each individual was that they each wanted to be in a relationship, but could not find a partner that also wanted to commit rather than "leaving their options open.""In a world where dating has come down to swiping right or left on an app, it's worthwhile to hear Cronin's teachings on how to find a strong relationship or improve upon existing ones," Fathom Events VP of Programming Kymberli Frueh said.There are certain dos and don’ts on a first date – this is the latter.

The Dating Project" is a documentary that follows five single people trying to figure out dating in the age of social media, texting, hanging out and hooking up. Fathom Events, Pure Flix, Paulist Productions, Mpower Pictures and Family Theater Productions present "The Dating Project" in movie theaters nationwide on.… continue reading »

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The Reagan presidency was deeply corrupt. In total, 138 members of his administration were investigated for their involvement in a wide ranging number of scandals, the most of any president in history, so far. Due to the power of the pardon, and the fact that Reagan himself was only indirectly implicated in most of his.… continue reading »

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The young man from Bronxville, New York, was in the theater on a first date, waiting for the film to begin. "As Katie and I sat there talking, she asked 'I thought this movie started at p.m.' I looked down at my watch and noticed it was p.m. — and it dawned on me that we were in the wrong theater, since the wrong.… continue reading »

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Restaurant manager and shoe connoisseur Haley Walker is finally ready to re-enter the dating world. From the privacy of her bedroom, she relates a series of hilarious tales while preparing for, and recovering from, one dreadful date after another. One of the most popular shows in Huntington history, this 15th anniversary.… continue reading »

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Remote Control is focused on dating violence. It is a highly interactive, theatre based presentation that explores issues associated with dating violence and bystander intervention using scenarios very familiar to young people. Remote Control explores the relationship between two characters, Josh and Amy, who are dating.… continue reading »

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