Dating the exodus from egypt

04-Oct-2018 16:35

In fact, the word play seems to have a double meaning.

This was a verb commonly added to the name of an Egyptian god to produce a human name, such as Ptahmose, Ramose and Thutmose.

The basket was then found by a daughter of the king, and he was thus brought up at the royal court.

However, he would grow up to become the Israelite's leader, deliverer in to freedom and lawgiver.

Attempts to date the Exodus are problematic because of the Bible itself, for it provides us with two conflicting clues as to when the event took place.

Kings 6:1 clearly dates the Exodus to 480 years before the founding of Jerusalem's temple by King Solomon.

By this point in history, the Israelites were in the land of Canaan though the account does not really help us to date their actual arrival.