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24-Jan-2019 01:38

Get back to your roots and remember what truly makes you come alive—whether that’s dancing or baking or hiking or travelling with friends.

Shakira said it best when she immortalized the words “can’t remember to forget you.” If you replace a romantic passion with an extracurricular one, it just might help you forget who wanted to break up with who.

So if you want to make yourself truly commit to the break-up, it’s best to address the elephant in the room and end things more directly. If you’re avoiding talking about boundaries, labels, or expectations with your latest romantic-tryst–chances are there’s a lot more you guys don’t know about each other. After all, how much do you even remember about your ex-partners once you finally do find “the one? Use the fact that you were two ships passing in the night to help calm your nerves and put things in perspective.

Understand that you don’t “owe” your future ex-anything other than your honesty from here on out.

In the best case scenario, you will both be so engrossed in your new separate lives that you won’t hold any grudges for the other not including you in their plans.

However, while this is probably the most popular break-up method, it can leave a weird taste in your mouth since nothing is definitively ended.

The best thing about ending early relationships is that there simply wasn’t enough time for you to connect and for anyone’s feelings to get irreparably hurt.

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Because when it comes down to it, we’re all just trying to figure out how to end a story before it truly begins. If you’re lucky, both of you will come to realize that your budding romance is just not meant to be and your relationship will slowly burn out.

So, why do people choose to be hot and cold in certain relationships? A deep, meaningful relationship is one that is hot and hot.

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