Dating site seccurity check

19-Feb-2019 15:50

If your name is Xavious Thorplewood, you really need an alias.Never input your home number into a webform and and don’t use your mobile number, either.

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But for almost any other site, if you can avoid it, you should.

In these cases, you can sign up for accounts using a “disposable” or “throw-away” email account.

These accounts last for only a short period — long enough for you to confirm the account with the website you want to register for.

But that doesn’t mean you’re safe from future attacks of this kind, even if the sites you tend to spend your time on are more reputable. So let’s get to some of the practical lessons from the Ashley Madison attack.

A lot of the snickering schadenfreude out there about Ashley Madison users getting their comeuppance through public shaming misses the point. As an example, the executive director of the Louisiana GOP is trying to explain he was using Ashley Madison for “oppostion research.” So you need to think carefully about what email address to use when you register for a website.If you’re using this account for other sites, go to those sites and change the email to your second address below (the “outer wall”).Example “inner wall” email accounts: [email protected][email protected] should be an additional Gmail, Yahoo, or other online email address you create just for signing up to all those other sites and services out there that you’re interested in — everything from social media to shopping to news to blogs.Using this second address instead of your primary address will help inoculate you when (not if) these sites are hacked.