Dating sim video game to be banned katawa shoujo

15-Jul-2018 08:09

dating sim video game to be banned katawa shoujo-16

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That also meant I had to make sure all of the scenes/overlays/graphics/audio levels/sources were setup properly for everything we were going to use in the 24 hours that we'll be streaming.

The most trouble I had in terms of technical challenges was probably figuring out how we were going to stream GTA Online so that it'd show both of our screens simultaneously.

) and I've come to actually really like the characters.

) The first game we played back when we first did a Halloween stream. The premise is weird enough already but then we have the absolutely NUTS translation that's not quite English? (DAT alpaca neck twist) A coworker of mine recommended this to me.

Since he couldn't stream without his laptop, I suggested that the two of us could stream this game together on my computer… This would be the very first Mikecast Experience (though it wasn't called that back then) stream in which I starred as a special guest! I've actually been a special guest on Classic Mikecasts before when Mike played against people on Duelling Network and lost horrendously every time. THIS IS WHY HE'S BAD AT THE GAME) Alright, let me just straight up say this because it's a terrible tragedy and I want it out of the way: I lost a ton of old stream footage when my HDD died because I'm oh so intelligent that I neglected to back it up.