Dating only once a month

31-Jan-2019 11:37

It could be a few things; you are not the only one? I can see how once a week could happen due to demands of a job or school.I do both, part time work andfull time university, time is a precious commodity, although if really interested then once a week would be by me as a pattern. ) Good sex will keep him coming back, at least once a week.(He has an extremely busy job(s) at the moment - I think it is a 'feast or famine' type occupation.) Every date has been absolutely perfect. I've told him I'd like to see him more often but he said something to the effect of he 'likes alone time' and he doesn't want to see me 'every other day' - I don't want that either I told him which honestly I don't. IMO, you need to sit down and have a discussion about it AND be ready to explain exactly what you mean by "more".Simply saying that you want more isn't going to go over well.Maybe that not seeing him offten makes ur relationship so special. I'm surprised no one else has broached the possibility of you not being the only woman he is seeing.

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Hmmm,,, I wonder ,,if you took the sex part away....

Hey Ladycinnamin, We should start our own 'Ladies Who Date Once a Week Club'. It's a tough road to go down..wonder if you're not good enough, not pretty enough, not this or that enough but you know you're none of those things!

My problem has been the first guy that comes along always seems to fall for me and I don't go beyond that one guy. I can still look - and I assume you are too - and maybe someone else will come along that fills the bill a little better than the first - it never hurts to keep looking. Urine said it right, If both are happy then your good to go.

I would make that extra effort to try and get twice a week, at least once, twice... You looking for a 'dating' partner according to your profile, maybe thatshould be changed to the LTR (which hits most men with the dreaded COMMi TMENT maybe your discovering that you are going in different directions~ it's nothing personal. If you feel you are over-compromising then perhaps is time to strike out for what you really want. I have always found people make time for someone they want to be with regardless of their situation.

It may not be seven days a week but it is more than one day a week.

Your lifestyle needs to change in a relationship, you can't have things your own way if you want to keep her/him attracted to you.

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