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04-Jan-2019 02:26

If the name appears on the photo itself, it is because the negative was scratched into or written upon but it could have been printed at any time.

Some companies were still printing real photo postcards in the 1970’s from negatives taken in the 1890’s.

A studio sometimes grew to the point where additional photographers were hired but all the photographs produced were published with the original photographers name.

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As time passes this silver tends to migrate to the surface of the print creating tell-tale metallic patches.

Light energy alone, usually from the sun, reacted with the light sensitive chemicals on the paper’s surface to produce an image.

The last cabinet cards were produced in the 1930s. Dating. up old card stock, or the cabinet card may have been a re-print made many years after the photo.… continue reading »

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Post Card History and Dating Methods. Real photo post cards. If the card is old and it is larger than 3.5 by 5.5 inches.… continue reading »

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