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The Pacific front saw major action during the Second World War, mainly between the belligerents the United States, its ally Australia, and Japan.

The arrival of European settlers in subsequent centuries resulted in a significant alteration in the social and political landscape of Oceania.

We will be taking a 3.7 mile uphill hike to the summit where we will eat our packed lunches and explore the views and educational displays before heading back down to the trailhead to complete our 7.4 mile loop. For those who feel they cannot complete the full 3.7 mile hike up and the hike back down, you have an option to turn around whenever you feel tired and get back to your car and drive to the Summit parking lot and meet the rest of us there for lunch and the views and exhibit display. Umunhum trail passes through dense mixed chaparral scrub dominated by shrub species including chamise, big berry manzanita, birch leafed mountain mahogany, and poison oak.Eventually the trail emerges near the top onto steep terrain dominated by cliffs and rocky outcrops including serpentine boulders.Due to the thin soil layer developed on the serpentine bedrock, a low moisture-holding capacity and a unique chemical composition, the serpentine areas support numerous endemic plant species, including rare flowering plants that continue to reveal themselves each spring.Situated in the southeast of the Asia Pacific region, Oceania is the smallest continental grouping in land area and the second smallest in population after Antarctica.

The islands at the geographic extremes of Oceania are Bonin Islands, a politically integral part of Japan; Hawaii, a state of the United States; Clipperton Island, a possession of France; the Juan Fernández Islands, belonging to Chile; the Campbell Islands, belonging to New Zealand; and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, belonging to Australia.

Typically at the beginning of the relationship, one party is more infatuated with the other; and that can create an unhealthy power dynamic.