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And although I knew that she greeted everyone the same way, I nonetheless was charged by this encounter with a holiness and saintliness that lit up the world – or that tiny piece of the world where Henny Machlis stood.

The last time I saw Henny was several months ago, when she was briefly back in Jerusalem between surgeries and treatments at Sloan-Kettering.

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Henny cooked 51 weeks a year (except only for the week of Pesach) from her tiny kitchen.” The man replied, “I forgot how to make whole-wheat pizza.I need your wife to explain it to me again.” Rabbi Machlis was exasperated. “It’s from Hashem.” Then Henny reiterated to the man, step by step, how to make whole-wheat pizza.Finally, Henny suggested that she could teach him how to make whole-wheat pizza himself.

Painstakingly and with infinite patience, Henny taught him how. Someone was knocking on our bedroom door.” The loud knocking woke them up.“At 3 o’clock in the morning, you need to remember how to make whole-wheat pizza? For me personally, the sign of Henny Machlis’s greatness was the radiant joy she emanated all the time.Whenever I ran into her, her wide smile and the joyful light she radiated conveyed that seeing me was the best thing that had happened to her all day.For the Machlises, the tremendous scale of their success cost them over 00 every Shabbat, a financial load that defied Rabbi Machlis’s modest salary as a teacher supplemented by donations from well-wishers.