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They would look at me condescendingly when I said I didn't understand.'The age gap between Alexandra and her boss — newly promoted to marketing director after six years at the company — made her feel increasingly alienated.'She'd formed a close-knit gang with my younger colleagues.

In meetings, they'd all walk away whispering and I knew they were talking about me.

'I felt so drained that I quit.'Much has been made of the hazards of employing millennials — the generation born between 19, with many now in their 20s and early 30s. If you haven't given the idea much thought, then perhaps it's time to start.

After all, millennials now constitute the largest generation in the American workforce.

It wasn't just their different approaches to work attire that struck Alexandra, however, but their attitudes to the interview itself.

'When I was in my 20s, I listened to my older boss who had been in her job for years,' says Jennifer, who is married to Simon, 42, and has two young children.'But the girls newly above me in rank are power-crazed — despite having no experience.'Until 2015, Jennifer was on an equal footing with most of her twenty-something colleagues at the home for elderly people in Scotland, where she works.

But while she was on maternity leave, many of the younger staff were encouraged to complete an additional level of training — so, by the time Jennifer returned to work, they ranked above her.'They are now in charge when the senior nurse is away and can tell me what to do,' she says.

They want their abilities to be taken on trust — which can cause friction.' File image used 'Whether it is cleaning or escorting an elderly patient to the toilet, there is never a please or a thank you.

They use their new authority as an excuse to disappear to chat and are attached to their smartphones even on duty.'Because they have so little work experience, they think that such behaviour is normal.'Still worse is their worrying disregard towards their newfound responsibility.Especially if, like Alexandra, your decades of hard fought-for experience are given scant appreciation.Alexandra had been working in the marketing industry for 20 years when, in February, she joined the fashionable London catering firm whose marketing arm was managed by her millennial boss.Whenever I tried to approach her, colleagues would step in and say she was too busy to speak.