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01-Aug-2018 04:55

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Bible study and Jewish history are part of the school curriculum.

Kellman says she is being forced to examine what it means to be Jewish in a Jewish state, "especially when you are not Orthodox." Her husband laughs at her when she lights Shabbat candles on Friday night or uses special dishes for Passover.

Like many Israelis who are "secular" Jews, the fact that his country is a Jewish state is enough.

Its day of rest is the Jewish Sabbath, its state holidays are the Jewish holidays, its language is Hebrew.

They will use all of their abundant qualities to seduce you.

And they will do it in Hebrew or that Hebrew accent that will make your ears go tingly.

She points to her son's brit as a typical example of the difference between American and Israeli cultures.

Although Avissar's parents were in attendance and both she and they envisioned a small, private affair, her Israeli mother-in-law took over, "cooking up a storm and inviting mobs of people." Many American parents find their daughter's marriage to an Israeli as much a learning experience for them as it is for her.

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Barbara Bar-Yaakov, a graphic artist and mother of two sabras, or native-born Israelis, always regarded herself as a liberal, committed to civil rights for African-Americans.

"For him, there is an all-or-nothing element to religion," says Kellman.

"The synagogue he doesn't attend is an Orthodox one." Laurel Avissar, a dental assistant who has been in Israel for eight years and married for three of them, says marriage to an Israeli provides "an inside look at Israeli society — good and bad." As a single woman, she was unaware of the strength and intensity of family ties in many Israeli households. "My in-laws are not the only ones who expect their married children to grace their table every Friday night or, failing that, to visit on Saturday," says Avissar.

In other instances, backgrounds may be so similar that the marriage cannot truly be called cross-cultural.

Both Miriam Grunbaum and her husband are the children of German-Jewish immigrants.

Yet when she applied her convictions to Arabs, her husband thought her naive.

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