Dating lithuanian women

26-Jul-2018 22:59

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The sense of pure freedom you can experience abroad, putting yourself in a spot where you are the main actor of an adventure – that’s the ultimate builder of independence and self confidence.That’s the main reason why I reached out to Kyle for this collaboration – he enjoys traveling with male friends and has experienced the addictive allure of conquering exotic women in foreign places first hand. I had one of my best mates join me for the first week and stayed by myself for another 2 weeks – making the total stay around 23 days long. maybe my love of life is somewhere just not Esu paprasta panele, mokausi, dirbu, auginu broliuka. Traveling solo is a very important aspect in the life of a single man.But of course not all that glitters is gold – there are a few things to dislike.I think the aspect of Lithuanian girls is that they defy the all-important question of ‘are you an ass man or a boobs man?A very important reason for me was the fact that the city has not been spoiled by drunken western tourists yet.

It is a cheap country by Western standards but the quality of life is actually pretty good – at least in Vilnius.One of my dates actually said ‘Any Lithuanian woman bigger than a size 36* is considered fat’.They also tend to be rather tall, which is not great for a 5″ 7′ guy like myself – but I liked the fact that even short girls had long legs.The remaining two lays and the blowjob where the results of Tinder game (20, 21 and 27).