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So I have ventured in to start my own thread, I hope everyone enjoys, feel free to comment or leave your own mark, I look forward to all You have come and entered my lair, This den of love and despair, I shall speak of sunshine and laughter, All that comes before and after, Moments which have brushed my soul, Emotions I can not control, I should bleed myself through this pen, As many wise women and men, And hope that as you view, Something awakens in you..... I truly appreciate creative thoughts and beautiful hearts and souls. The city's north and south ends are separated by a deep valley which contains the downtown area as well as Kempenfelt Bay. Colour spanning this beautiful sky, Painted by fairies dancing on light, A spiritual vision filling my eyes, Such beauty placed within sight, The promise of something divine, As eyes do wander upon it, Clouds and rain breaking free, Urging you to never submit, Shining with iridescent beauty, This rainbow opens a door, To spots in your mind which layed dormant, Never before were explored. Honesty is one thing that has to be appreciated and respected as it is so risky to expose one's true self.5538Summer Time in Barrie19 July 2006As if days werealways summertime in Barrie This place of greater momentswhere natural and native gave birth Of kindness within this Aquarian agea cave or cavern to loves reality borne Her heart swept with warmtha soul tender and forgiving Across the plains of Ontariowere rivers and road did ocean grace A glacial reminder from Simcoe to Nottwasaga Bay An Atlantic island looking to the grandeur of faith Those Canadian dimensionsthere measurement reaching out in grace Barrie, Ontario (2006 population 125,000) is located on Kempenfelt Bay, an arm of Lake Simcoe in Central Ontario, Canada. © 2006 Christopher W Herbert (a New Zealand Poet) a poet who cares I am but a warrior, Carrying on the traditions of my family, Protecting the way, The spirits which flow, We shall not be forgotten, The people of this land, Tucked into corners, Like small children, This is our punishment, Betrayed by greed. I am without faith, While you have known and spoken to God, I have yet to speak or know Him. Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your Lioness:) In for a few reads... I remembered I had posted this fable way back and retrieved it for ya. The site as well...enjoy..:)```````````````````````````````````````````````````````The Sick Lion A Lion , no longer able , from the weakness of old age, to hunt for his prey, laid himself up in his den, and, breathing with great difficulty, and speaking with in a low voice, gave out that he was very ill indeed.The report soon spread among the beasts, and there was great lamination for the sick Lion. And you will feel that I'm your woman when you look at me! Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. Sitting quietly in the corner she cries, Evident only by the tears streaming, She can not let him hear her cry, Those fists of anger that bruise her, Words that cut her down to the bone, The love of a father that can not love, No soft love, only anger and hatred, Burned deep into his eyes, She can see it with every blow, Monsters consuming the body of her father, Eating away at the man she used to know, She wonders if he is in there, Somewhere behind the angry haze, Fighting to stop the pain he inflicts, Waiting to be the hero she dreams of, Twenty years later that little girls dream, Lay buried with the man she once called father.The moon it seems has faded tonight, Dim with loss, this wrong isn't right, Shining upon this filthy oasis, This loss of life that had no basis, I call to angels in the sky, I scream and cry and ask them why, Just why they came and took you away, And left me longing everyday, Was this emptiness meant for me, Will I too fade and cease to be, Will others cry and wonder why, These angels came down from the sky, Is heaven empty and in need, Of souls that shine and dont impede, Who give back to the world with love, And mean so much to those above, Are you with our father there, Do you hear my every prayer, I await the day we shall return, Come together and soothe this burn.

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" said the Fox, " but excuse me if I cannot stay; for, to tell the truth, I feel quite uneasy at the mark of foot-steps that I see here, all pointing towards the den, and non returning outwards."Affairs are easier of entrance than of exit ; and it is but common predence to see our way out before we venture in.aesop`````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````ps, doesn't mean anything, just for entertainment...:)Tonight my juliet is alone The harsh lights hurt And she walks on cold stone Down the corridors of silence But she is not mine For she dreams of another I can see it in my mind A different Romeo for her Tonight I sit, a broken man Lost in the darkness and tears Not ready to make a stand Hardly ready to face the day Thanks so much Om I am glad you stopped by and equally glad you enjoyed lol I like that fable Fib as always good to see you in here stretching your creative mind, keep up the good work.

But heed these warnings all must hear...not then know of falling tear.... You break the rules, I am not supposed to love you, Yet when I see you, My heart starts to race, The beautiful tap of wings, Butterflies licking my navel, Lost inside amongst this lust, My mind swoons with anticipation, I fight it yet lose myself in a glance, What is this power you have?