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15-Nov-2018 14:56

The nine-member committee was launched in September this year, according to News 1.Located just above the inter-Korean border, the Kaesong factory zone hosted a total of 124 South Korean companies.South Korea's impeached ex-President Park Geun Hye ordered the shutdown of the inter-Korean Industrial Complex last year, a government report showed Thursday.The report revealed the findings of a Unification Ministry panel tasked with reviewing the previous administration's North Korea policies, including the closure of the Kaesong Industrial Complex.Yet despite the trillions of dollars, the branding, and the brassy platitudes, Americans remain among the most miserable people on earth.Happiness in this country—if you were to even try to measure it—has plunged.It is as if the child was spun out of whole cloth by God Almighty, and simply bestowed upon this unlucky female. It is difficult to set my fury aside when affronted with such barefaced hypocrisy.

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Three days after the North's rocket launch on February 7, 2016, the previous government announced that the National Security Council had decided to freeze all Kaesong operations in order to prevent the workers' wages from supporting the regime's weapons of mass destruction program.In 2007, the United Nations ranked the United States as the third happiest nation in the world, but in 2017, it dropped us to 19th place.As recently noted, “for 80 years, young Americans have been getting more anxious and depressed, and no one is quite sure why.” Among the dreary subsets of analysis is that of Angus Deaton, a Nobel laureate in economics, who found that since 1990, middle-aged white Americans have been living sicker and dying earlier even as mortality rates elsewhere in the world are increasing. Human beings have kicked around the concept of what individual happiness means for centuries, from the Bible to the ancient Greeks to the 1859 bestseller .Days after closure was announced, the presidential office delivered a document to the unification ministry, containing "what appeared to be supportive material" to back the claim that wages earned from the Kaesong factories flowed into development of WMD.

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