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On the grounds, was another fabulous restaurant, Schlosswirstschaft.

The restaurant overlooks the beautiful Chiemsee lake.

Seine River Rides: a definite must do is a ride on the Seine.

These are easily picked up at different points on the river.

The Passion Play occurs every 10 years here in Oberammergau.

It does sell out and has limited capacity, so this is an event that needs to be booked a year in advance.

The first day I arrive in a European city, I don’t typically plan anything. Simply walked around as much as we could and then fell asleep from exhaustion.

On our first full day, I had arranged a private tour of Paris for Arianna’s benefit.

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There are several locations, but I like the one on the Champs Elysees. Eiffel Tower Restuarants: There are two- Le Jules Verne and Bistro 58. Le Jules Verne is a Michelin starred restaurant with fabulous views of Paris.But, I wanted to share this marvelous city with Arianna, so off we went. It was definitely cold, but not too cold that you could’t walk.Generally, I like to stay in the 1st Arrondissement, which is the neighborhood or area in close proximity to the Lourve, Tuilleries, Rue de Rivoli, and not to far from St. What was missing were the crowds, however, even at the major sites, there were lines, so you must know to always get tickets in advance to the highly popular sites.Angelina’s has become somewhat famous over the last couple of years. There is an Angelina tea room and that is where we went….

They used to just serve tea, coffee and of course, their world famous hot chocolate, but now, they are in chocolate/pastry business and branching everywhere. That afternoon, I thought I would mix a bit of business with this trip, so I had arranged to tour a view hotels with the regional sales director for Starwood in Paris. This is not a city to diet in; and certainly hard for people like me that fall apart with every French pastry placed in front of me. It was my daughter’s spring break and the thought of Europe in the winter is always appealing to me. In fact the only discouraging thought about a trip to Paris was instead the fact that I was not ready for the calories.If you choose to do a meal, lunch or dinner, I would recommend Bateaux Mouche over the others. As a guest of Bavarian Tourism, I had the unique opportunity to tour the southern part of Bavaria and glimpse into more of the culture and culinary experiences.